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8th Semi-Annual National Book of Mormon Evidence Conference – Sept. 23-24, 2011

The Heartland Model: Where do the Cherokee Fit In?

– Lenora and Dick Grondel. (Unfortunately for this presentation Ms. Grondel had to whisper due to recent throat surgery, so it was hard to here her presentation.)

This group has submitted about 35,000 Cherokee nation names to the temple for work.

Cherokee nation members go through life with at least 7 names. When white men came they split up the organization of the tribes and they settled around the world nad nation. Their language, culture and beliefs were changed.  In order to conduct temple work for these people, must difficult research has to be done. The archaeological records, oral histories, revealed that the Cherokee were not Lamanites, and not related to Lehi!

Cherokee words with interesting meanings:

  • Kitu’hwagi – Getoo’hawalk (Kituwah or Kit’Yowah) / The Keys of Yohowah
  • Eshe’lokee – A’shay’low key / the Ancient Cherokee
  • U’sgo Kanegv-u’noyvgv – Oos’go Kaw’naega-oo’noyago / Head Voice
  • Uka, – Oo’kaw / The First Beloved Man, and the First Beloved Woman
  • Equa’nulti – Ea’qua’newtle / (Oconalutftee) / Living by the River
  • Talk’siyi – Tawlk’seeyee / (Tuckasegee) At the turtle place
  • Chota Asa – Cho’taw Awe’saw / The House of God
  • A’nanyo’o – A’nawn yo o / The Three elder fires – The Godhead
  • A’gowa’dvdi – Agowa’duhde / Vision to see another way
  • Ali’iulsgeda – Awele’eool’ski daw / Friendship is important In the Lives of the People

The presentation is describing the diffusion from the Tower of Babel. A descendant of Shem named Joktan, who had 14 sons, from which the Cherokee trace their lineage.  Further, they trace their linage from The Brother of Jared.

When white men arrived, some found out about Cherokee archives of records. There were burnings of records similar to what happened in Mesoamerica at the hands of Spanish priests. These records allegedly contained records of the Cherokee family back to Adam. When hidden, the records were hidden away from themselves, and some still likely exist in their current hiding places. A language was lost when these records were hidden away in caves in the Appalachian peaks. Obviously the modern Cherokee language is descended from but different from the ancient Cherokee language. Future (or modern) Cherokee chiefs will be converted to the church and will bring these records forth. This hopefully will cause a large conversion of Cherokee people to the church of Christ.

A book called “the vision”[?] containing a record about Cherokee coming from Tower of Babel and their having the true priesthood. They came to North America as directed by the Lord, crossing the north Atlantic, and down the St. Lawrence river, establishing themselves in the great lakes area. There followed a 1,000 period of peace and then splitting due to Jared’s descendants wanting a king.  There is no name of Ophir or Monhri in the book of Ether. The prophets moved from the Great Lakes and moved down to the Smokey Mountains and settled by the “river of Turtles” and worshiped the godhead. They were given a fire and promised to keep it in order to never be lost[?]

A modern group is still there in the mountains and will bring forth these lost records. A prophet will need to go help them bring these forth. President Kimball called a stake president there who stayed for 10 years[?] and was instructed to learn as much as possible.

Howard Carlos Smith – Keeper of the Prophets Sword

He went back to Nauvoo and show the sword and a casket stick.  1 of 12 sticks made from the rescue casket. The lid was taken and the sticks came from it. The rescue caskets brought the bodies back from Carthage by Joseph H. Noble, Porter Rockwell and 5 or 6 others. The casket sticks have special healing powers, supposedly. He has located 6 of the 12 today. The sword and stick have been hidden away until two years ago. There’s one in Ogden, one the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers museum. One of them was sanded and painted black, with ivory handle holding Joseph’s and Hyrum’s hair locks. Heber Kimball supposedly had one. A couple families have two.

The sword was given to Joseph by Wilford Woodruff in 1834, and carried on Zion’s Camp march. The stick and sword were hidden in the wall of an old adobe house for 100 years, then hid later by other descendants of the Noble family. Joseph H. Noble was a bodyguard to Joseph, was in School of the Prophets, was a member of Zions camp. He was a bishop in Nauvoo, and a major in the Nauvoo Legion.

Cal Nez – A Native American Perspective on the Book of Mormon

He emphatically believes he is a descendant of Book of Mormon people.

In the Navajo story, between the fifth and sixth world the Navajos were having trouble, then the deity decided to flood them. Ark was made of gopher wood. in Navajo there was a plant planted, of sacred wood, that people jumped on as it grew and they were saved. There were deities of a dove, turkey.

Newspapers, magazines call him for statements about the DNA findings that say the Book of Mormon is false b/c no genealogical evidence supporting the claim that ancient house of Israel was here in North America.  His response: Who would do such a study? Who would be their Native subjects? Thousands of tribes from Alaska to Southern Chile? Where is the study?

White -> Pure

Are the descendants of -> May be the descendants of

Alan Rudd & Hartman Rector Jr. – The Beit Lehi Project

Beit Lehi means “The House of Lehi”   Hartman Rector is 97 years old now. He turned 70 in 1994.

A site in Israel. It was named by Bedouins. A sheik said that long before Mohammad, there was a prophet named Lehi. They’ve found writings of a prophet, now in Jerusalem museum, dated between 600 and 700 BC.  The site was abandoned in the 14th century. There is an inscription on the wall in an underground cistern, a Greek inscription. It says “Jesus is here” with a cross image. Above is a picture of a man standing on a boat, perhaps Jesus on the Sea of Gallilee. They’ve found Jewish, Muslim and Christian villages on this site.

When building a road in 1961 between Jordan and Israel, a bulldozer fell into a cave while building a road. The walls of the cave had unusual writings and drawings. One phrase was “Absolve us Oh great Jehovah.” Then they quoted Jehovah on the walls. The oldest name of Jerusalem is found here, dated 600 BC. Hartman thinks this is the cave that the boys hid in after Laban took their property and chased them off, without the plates.

Mulek was Zedekiah’s son, and was a baby when he was rescued from the fate of the other sons. Hartman believes Zarahemla is just across the river from Nauvoo, based on the Lord’s calling that region Zarahemla in the Doctrine & Covenants, among other reasons.

About 22 miles southwest of Jerusalem is Beit Lehi, and that is where this cave is located. The boys ran “home” after leaving Jerusalem and then they hid there.

Archaeologists have found a chapel site, that mimics the Holy of Holies in the SLC temple. They call it a chapel site, but Harman says it is really a temple site, and this will be borne out in the future as research continues. One archaeologist at BYU says this can’t be the site of Lehi’s house b/c he lived at Jerusalem. But the BOM says the savior would be borne at Jerusalem. It is the area not the city limits. Essentially Lehi lived in a “suburb” of Jerusalem, albeit well outside the walls of the old city.

They cut the fig tree out of the cistern. You couldn’t get down into the cistern b/c the tree was in the way. The people who marked the walls were Christian. They were meeting underground b/c the Romans were feeding the Christians to the lions at the time.

This site has the potential to become something very spectacular.

Alan Rudd: There is no scientific evidence that this IS or IS NOT the land of Lehi. However, inspiration and personal revelation tells him and others, that it is. Lehi would’ve been mentioned in the Bible had he lived in the city of Jerusalem proper. He was near, but not in the city. He was called to another people nearby. The writings and sketches look like chicken sketches. Stick figures praying with hands up, a man playing a lyre, a priest of the aaronic priesthood in robes.

A Harvard semetic language expert looked at the cave, studied it, and they all (he and others) conclude that it says: “I am Yahweh thy God: I will accept the cities of Judah, And will redeem Jerusalem. Absolve us O Jehovah”  This isn’t grafiti, it took days to etch into the rock.

Joseph Gnieat, a graduate of Jerusalem University, went to NYU and earned a  PHD in cultural anthropology. Part of that study included study at the University of Utah, in 1969. He taught part time in anthropology. He got to know the president of the Church, and knew them all from President Lee onward. He was invited to all the Church functions. He appeared often in local media. He had 30 copies of the Book of Mormon, but never read them. He finally started to read it after strong insistence from a friend. He knew Cleon Skousen and Nibley. Joseph called Skousen once at 1:00 am, and he told Cleon that he knew where the boys hid. He remembered the cave in the 60’s and felt impressed to tell Cleon that he knew it was the home of Lehi. He read the Book of Mormon.

Later he taught at BYU through 1973. joseph Ginat was born Jewish and adopted Arab. he served under 5 Isreali prime ministers in Arab/Israeli affairs. One wummer, while visiting the cave a sheik came to him who was tending camels nearby, and the Sheik spoke Arabic to Joseph. The sheik asked waht are you doing? Joseph told him. The Sheik took him to a nearby tree, and the sheik told him of an ancient prophet who would sit under the oak tree and teach the people, baptize them, marry them, preach to them. It is sacred and we call it Beit Lehi. The tradition is still passed on today.

Coudln’t start digging at the site until 2005, took time due to fallout from BYU Jerusalem Center. After digging commenced, they found many daverns. They found a seven step ritual bath. Seven steps signify the period of creation. Baptism by immersion was done from Adam onward. The ritual bath was used daily for washings. There was a large olive press nearby. They would bath, go next door and get oil for annointing. The pulp from the olive would be crushed and the oil would flow into a vat. There were six olive presses there. There were mennorahs everywhere. This dates back to 200-300 bc, the olive press does.

There were pigeon raising areas with alcoves in teh walls where they were caged. They were used for ritual sacrifices. Took three years to dig. Housed over 6000 pigeons at once. “Coliberium” is a pigeon farm. There were nine of them here! This was probably also sold to people on thier way to Jerusalem. There isa Christian church there, with an Altar and a Christian cross (equal axes, unlike the Roman cross). There are other crosses with three prongs on each axis, for the trinity.

There were underground mangers, carved out of the rock. Stone blocks with depressions, were mangers.

There is a mosaic floor, one of the oldest and best preserved in all of Israel. Animals in the murals represent things we normally would see on murals. There are rooms with mosaics on the floor patterned like temple rooms. One room has angry cocks about to fight, like a telestial site. The site is acres. He suspects the dimensions would near Soloman’s temple.

Insight the “holy of holies” room is written: Righteousness to all who enter. There is a drain and a baptismal font, right next to the holy of holies. LThere is a canal running the water out. They did baptisms for the dead. 200-300 AD.

There was a courtyard of the gentiles, with washing feet at lavers and cisterns. The cisterns above filled the font, and drained to cisterns below. There are hollow points under these floors. Sacred things are underneath, older things. Who knows what they are? Hard to convince the Jewish authorities to dig these floors up!

Tombs of Christians were found, wrapped in white. There are wine presses as well.

Reconstructions are underway.

They found a round stamp that dates prior to 300 BC that says tabernacle on it.

Artifacts include pottery, cymbals, lots of Egyptian glass and bracelets. 87 coins, helping date the site. Roman class, jewelry, pottery shard with Alpha and Omega on it. arrowheads.

A road was found that lead from Egypt to Syria and Beit Lehi was 1/2 mile from it, where it bisected a Roman road.

Josephus wrote about a rebel named Niger, who hated the Romans. He attacked a Roman outpost at Ashdod, on coast south of Jopps. Romans chased him east 20-30 miles. They arrived Salis, 2/5 miles from Beit Gurvin. Then he fled east to Beit Zedek, 4 miles east of Beit Gurvin. The Beit Zedek was never heard of. On a modern map, you can see that Beit Zedek, is the same place as Beit Lehi. Niger hid under a tower here, in a 300 foot tunnel. The Romans burned the tower and left. Three days later the citizens came back and found Niger.  They’ve found the platform for the tower, found the burnt layer and found the 300 foot tunnel with coins in it.

A Christian monk wrote about a holy site, monastery 4 miles from Beit Gurvin, (named by Romans in 40 AD). The old name of the site 200-300 BC was Beit Zekek. The only “zedek” is Melchiezekek and Zedekiah. Zedek means “righteousness.”  This city is called Beit Zekek. Josephus called in Beit Zedek, the House of Righteousness. The Muslims later called it Beit Lehi.

There are enough water supplies that it could have sustained 30,000 people. It was not that big (Jerusalem was that big at its height.) It was a significantly sized place.  There will be an April 2012 tour of Israel and the itinerary includes this site where you can help the Israelis dig for a day.

The site was abandoned in 1400 AD. The Jews believe it is the traditional site of Samson, 1168 BC.  He believes this is the “land of Jerusalem” not the city of Jerusalem. Alma said Jesus was born in the land of Jerusalem. Bethlehem is closer to the city Jerusalem but is still the land.

He believes when teaching “his people” Lehi was teaching the children of Abraham. There are other temples. There are high and low altars at Telurod[?] is in the land of Midian, where Jethro was, so it has two altars (both priesthoods). This could be the temple Moses received his endowment in.

Some say Lehi means “jawbone” and stems from Samson. Lehi also means “sweetness of speech.”

Wayne May – A Flow for the Jaredites

Great Circle (Ohio)

his Sources: Archaeological Data, Native American Oral Traditions, early antiquarian works, Journals/diaries of early settlers

Wayne reprints the books of 19th century writers who observed the early earth works since destroyed and dug.

Late Archaic and Adena into first 300 years of Hopewell. He focuses on Late Archaic and Adena for Jaredite evidence.

Adena map shows heavy concentration in Ohio and West Virginia. Archaic extends the map much wider.

Hopewell native traditions state entrance in various ways.

Mulekites – Algonquin, the St. Lawrence into the Great Lakes.

Who found Coriantumr? Adena.

Ether mentions massive mining operations by Jaredites. Compare to 10,000 pits in Isle Royale and Keneenaw. This maps to Jarediates and some previous! Some were mining copper before the Jaredites (Phonecians). Copper plates found in Pennsylvania, thin as 16th inch, smooth. Jaredites did it. Large copper swords (knives) with Jaredite dating.

Cave in Illinois covered in petroglyphs with animals: 3 like elephant, 8 like no animal known, boar, sloth, people clothed like Greece and Romans. The ceiling has since collapsed. These records are in antiquarian journals. Clay elephant pipe in Michigan (parrot).  There are also Hopewell elephant pipes. Pictures of long horn cows found on a stone in Arkansas like those in India and Egypt today.

The Michigan artifacts that contain the mystic symbol, are starting to be pushed back into the Adena age.

Cuneiform was the international business language, so the jews knew it. The mystic symbol is cuneiform. Also, five nails, same number as used for the crucifixion.

Some Adamic words used to be spoken in a certain place, pre-1980.

The Jaredites brought Adamic words that survive and mimic some Hebrew words.

Huge bones were found in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Some of the skeletons were up to 9 feet.  Massive chins and not just tall but huge. (See “Giants of the Ohio Valley.”

Susqehannock Indians were alive right up to Pilgrims. They died off from European illness. These Indians were seven feet tall, routinely. Early pilgrims and Quakers were always depicted as bigger than the Pilgrims, in period art.

Canadian archaeologists have found large skeletons in St. Lawrence river valley, a nexus with the Adena. Need more context to connect them to the Ohio Adena.

Many of Ohio’s Geometric earthworks labeled Hopewell. Many of the geometric structures were already standing. They put in new wood for old and the dates go to Hopewell time. The Great Circle in Newark, an archaeologist found that the entire circle has been laid with cut block limestone, fitted together, and it was made to hold water. Dated to be: 800 BC! No longer a Hopewell site! Next to Newark Octagon, these two are the biggest. They should really be Ohio’s Adena geometric earthworks. Now we can say Adena/Jaredite cities.

The Awen: from Wales. there is a circle with a three-pronged mound.

The Awen is all over the place, the definition of it comes from Well.

Marietta Earthworks, Hopewell. There are Hopewell temples near a large mound. Maybe Coriantumr was buried here.

Joktan was Peleg’s brother. Egyptians die, they go out the mouth of the Mediterranean, across the false sea, to the land of their origin. Atlantic ocean is the false sea, the sea poured into the void created when the land split. Ohio and Wales, have identical henges and mounds. the time frames are identical and match Adena time frame.

Ether 15:11: Ramah is Cumorah. Many possibilities for narrow necks in the Great Lakes area, he places it at Niagara.

Ether 9:31, poisonous serpents, mentions Zarahemla. Joseph explained the Zelph  mound. “This land was called the land of desolation and Onendagus was the king and a good man was he. he buried his dead in the mound. The last man buried was Zelph. He was a white Lamanite who fought with the people of Onendagus for freedom.”  The land of Desolation could be the prairie, b/c all there is are gophers and grass. Illinois is the southern part of the land of desolation.

Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, this is Adena core based on radiocarbon data. Often drawn from wood shaft and fiber remnants on arrow points.

There is Archaic spill over. There is much older stuff before the Jaredites. Adams people were here before, they were mining the copper too. There are digs of 5,500 BC.

Koster: 26 Human Occupations 7500BC to present.

Beneath the Koster farm lies evidence of 26 different human occupations, beginning with early archaic 7500 BC. village after village, some with cemeteries, some with houses, each occupation was buried by flood deposits of the river.  An immense prehistory lies beneath us. There is a book about the Koster site. It is all filled in now.  Near the Illinois and Ohio river junction.

Today: stay tuned to Ancient American magazine.



Jaredites came from Babylon, Tower of Babel.Many Adena skeletons often have red hair. The Toltecs, standing on the Temple of the Sun, told the Aztecs that it was built by ancient ones, big men.

Some believe carbon dating prior to 2000 BC gets real shaky.

Roger K. Yong – The Good News and the Bad News of the Near Future

Wayne talked about the Welsh people. In the book a thief in the night. Lost ten tribes went into Babylon, then behind (east) of Caspian sea, across turkey and broke into groups. Anglo and Saxons into central Europe, Goths in eastern Europe, and north to Vikings and Swedes and Norwegians. The Saxons conquered England.

The biggest group that broke off was Ephraim. Our modern church is full of Ephraim descendants from England, Germany, Scandinavia, etc.

Establishing the New Jerusalem.

Bad News: We’ve got to go through hell to get to the good stuff.  Particles of the Earth are not a beginning of the creations of the Creator. 2-20 billion stars in each galaxy. Trillions and trillions of worlds. What is the greatest event? Atonement. The next greatest event? His return. In all the worlds, in all the galaxies, in all the heavens …they all prophesied, waited, and celebrated that event.  [obviously he is not a believer of the one galaxy theory.]  No greater wickedness that what is upon this Earth, Moses 7:36. Preceding the second coming it will make the wickedness of pre-flood Earth look good.

Zion: The New Jerusalem, the holy city, the celestial center of Jesus’ celestial city, this world becoming his.  Joseph Smith: 2.5 billion years is an “eternity,” taken from a journal entry from School of Prophets student.

Mark E. Peterson’s personal opinion, not doctrine, that on this Earth Heavenly Father brought forth the best, and the worst. His opinion, all the other worlds, were almost terrestrial society, close to it. This Earth is lowest of the telestial condition, out of these worlds.

The location of New Jerusalem tells us the location where the Jaredites and Nephites lived. Ether 14:4-6 as explained by Moroni: Jackson county Missouri is the new Jerusalem, on this land. Not in Guatemala.

How important is establishing the Zion in the last days? All the prophets and apostles of every age, all saw and prophesied of our day.

Zion is:

1- a spiritual state

2- specific locations: old and new Jerusalem and the City of Enoch.

3- ?

City of Enoch: a Zion society, translated on piece of earth. Inhabitants of Enouch visiting other worlds as missionaries. (John Taylor)

Old Jerusalem: location of Salem, city of Melchiezdek, even Shem. Inhabitants repented, achieved a Zion society and were translated to join Enoch’s city. Shem reclaimed them from apostasy.

New Jerusalem: Location of Garden of Eden, personally planted by the Gods; Original location of the tree of life (immortality), and tree of knowledge (mortality). Place where the Father and Son walked and talked to Adam (Michael). It is where the fall took place?  It is 90 days from AdamondiAhman.

City of Enoch will return and joined with New Jerusalem. both Jerusalem and new Jerusalem will be deserted and left desolate for a number of years.

In the latter days after the restoration, both cities will begin to be established. this will consist of both a physical gathering and spiritual gathering. There are four types of gathering: Spiritual, Physical (to lands of promises), Physical gathering for Safety, Physical gathering for Perfection.

Physical gathering: Jews to Old Jerusalem, Ephraim Manasseh and adopted gentiles to new Jerusalem.  During this they will both be cleansed of wickedness, including hypocrites, and purified.

New jerusalem cleansed first: 13 month war/earthquake/flood. water washing. Revelations chapter 9, 1/3 people of earth dead.

Old jerusalem will be cleansed last: Armageddon war/earthquke great hailstorm of fire Fire/Burning.

Isaiah Chapter 4. When Isaiah says Zion, it is here. Jerusalem is old Jerusalem.  D&C 61.

The holy city of new Jerusalem will be started before the full cleansing of old Jerusalem will be finished. During Armageddon war, the call will be to the world to flee to there for safety.

D&C 133 Ephraim will be located in two locations Utah and Independence and will grow together an become a city of 1500 square miles.

(A thief in the night, his book)

D&C 101:65-66. First gather, then burn. D&C 45.

First people became Zion and then built the city of Zion. Moses 7.

Missouri Saints failed, (partly b/c they lacked the Endowment?) Three principles of law of celestial kingdom, required to establish a zion type society (D&C 105: 2-6):

1- Obedience.

2- Charity.  Did not impart of their substance,  (United Order.)

3- United.  United by the union required by the law of the celestial kingdom.

a- one in purpose, doctrine, desires, goals as Christ is with the Father

b- Also refers to celestial marriage)

We must be chastened until we learn obedience by suffering.

John chapter 14-17. The Savior’s teachings on the three laws of the Celestial Kingdom. These chapters; If ye love me…(obedience,) Holy Ghost, Love one another (charity), Be one like I am with the Father, be one, seven times.

Becoming Zion Process:

1- Gain knowledge of truth, laws commandments

2- Obedience

3- You receive the Holy Ghost, which brings everything else: charity, etc.

4- Witness it is true

5. Fruits of the spirit: charity, love, gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, meekness

6- Testing

7- Gifts of the Spirit: Prophecy, wisdom, understanding, tongues, visions, knowledge…more knowledge. Repeat the cycle.

Law of Consecration: we must be equal in earthly things: D&C 78:5-7.

Step 1- First Consecration. Give everything to bishop

Step 2- Assignment (deed) of private property… (an inheritance/stewardship). These were deeds of private property!! Not communal property, or the group’s!

Step 3- Second Consecration (Tithing). If the stewardship profited, then it was tithed.

Full law of consecration / united order / order of Enoch won’t be lived until we establish the city of new Jerusalem. This system won’t be reinstated due to our own imperfections, but the Lord will bring it back in His time.

Discourses of Brigham young, p. 345, 8:150. Every trial and experience you have passed through is necessary for your salvation. Hugh B. Brown and the currant bush.

The Trip Back to New Jerusalem

How Long?

Five phases of the US near future.

1- Deflation to inflation. Done. Period of economic chaos. Inflation to hyper inflation, food shortages, anti-government riots, marital law. Food price increases, until food is unaffordable leading to famine.  At the end, the dollar collapses, the borders are gone and Christians are persecuted. No idea how long it lasts.

2- Slight improvement, 4-6 months, perhaps in future. (False hope)

3- Total Collapse. 6-8 months things get really bad. 8 months? maybe longer. At the end, no water, no power, no food, complete famine, so hungry people are digging for frozen worms.  People fee to places of refuge, up in the mountains (book: dreams and visions of last days.)

4- Complete collapse. no government, civil war, mobs, gangs. No power total famine, complete society breakdown, roving gangs, mobs, civil wars, killer plagues, super winter (very cold, very long).  Best description found in Sarah [?] book, Joseph made the Lord close the vision it was so bad. Utah earthquake during phase 4.

5- War/Invasion: WWIII, 13 month war,  tactical nuclear attack on US, full US invasion,  Europe Attacked and Invaded. Armageddon begins in beginning or end of phase 5.  refugees return and rebuild. Utah and Idaho cleansed, Refugees return and rebuild during this time. Survivors flee to Utah, become near Zion society. Northern route and southern route (northern via pioneer trail reverse, and southern via ?) No electricity, all on foot. Huge earthquakes during these migrations.

There will be a Russian army in the Mississippi valley that the group will face on their way back. Chinese will be on the west coast. Russians defeated, they go home and we start building.  Section 103. Righteous come to Zion.

Don’t know when these things will happen. Sequence yes, timing no.

Somewhere near end of phase 1. an unknown crises, brings invitation for foreign troops to enter the US under UN, and biological and EMP hit near phase 3 end.

Major earthquakes, a big one in Utah, around the world, a huge one at the end of phase 5. It will bring the sea inlet and seperate the Mississippi into a seaway, making Jackson county a beachfront property.

More detail

When fitting Pangea together there are two holes: gulf of Mexico, and the Arctic Ocean hole: Lost 10 tribes of the “north.” This last hole is as big as the continental US. D&C 133, return of the 10 tribes.

Lake Lahontan and Bonneville return, disappear.

Rod Meldrum – Progress of the heartland Model Book of Mormon Geography

Heartland model is a geography model for the Book of Mormon. Mostly started with  Wayne May. Rod started 2003 DNA research. A 4 hour DVD was produced. Seven times in BOM it states about a remnant of of House of Israel, on the Promised Land. 36 prophesies in BOM identifying U.S. as the promised land, site of New Jerusalem and Restoration. Adamic history, overlain by Jaredite, overlain by Nephite/Mulekite, overlain by U.S. and Church history, and then by the Millennial events. It is NOT Meso America.

DNA evidence for Book of Mormon geography. Four hours long.  These are $5, at cost. Live presentation recorded at the home of Larry King! These have sold 25,000 copies sold entirely by word of mouth.  Tens of thousands of LDS have no seen this, and is now a swelling movement within the LDS Church, according to U. of Chicago divinity school.

There is a new DVD being made, it is now 9.5 hours, and is on five DVDs, it is called “Book of Mormon Evidence.” Smoot family real estate developer helped fund some of the research and production. Hartman Rector Jr. has also been instrumental in lending some degree of credibility to the movement.

New documentary film, non-LDS, called “lost civilizations of North America. Glenn Beck has seen the “Book of Mormon Evidence” and said he was blown away by it. He covered three TV shows about it. Native American community is embracing it. The book “Prophecies and Promises” is about the 36 Book of Mormon prophecies regarding the United States.  “Rediscovering the BOM Remnant through DNA” covers all the DNA research. They sequenced DNA from Hopewell Mound Builder DNA research., 80 videos there you can see for free.

Seagull and Deseret Book now sells the Book of Mormon geography in North America book.

Last May they recorded five presentations and are now on DVD, 9+ hours of information. All comes from non-LDS sources! Unprecedented. Phoenician investigation sailed a Phoenician ship and intended to round the Horn of Africa, but what they did is they went straight to North America. Makes Lehi’s arrival very plausible and understandable.

DVD on destruction on time of Christ. Many have thought the only explanation was a volcanic eruption. They go through two non-LDS sources, called earthquake in America forgotten, a series of earthquakes in 1811, 1812, three 8.0 or biger, 2,000 earthquakes in five months. History channel did a special on it. The people who survived it wrote about it. In the presentation they take 28 observations that these people experienced the same things in 1811 due to these earthquakes. A paleo-seismologist has found evidence for a similar event at time of Christ, she’s found a buried Hopewell city, dated to ~100 AD.

Maynas didn’t have metal until 1100 AD. Lack of metal in Meso America. Tons of metal in North America. Ore in Land of Nephi, eastern Tennessee, and also mining and smelting furnaces in Hopewell mound locations.

Hebrew in the Heartland, dig in 1889, Smithsonian published the stone upside down, the Bat Creek stone. It is called paleo-Cherokee. Hebrew scholars see it upside down and recognize it as Hebrew. The stone was then discredited by the Smithsonian. 18 months ago the Cherokee demanded the stone back under NAGPRA, and American petrographic institute has tested and declared it as ancient and Hebrew, the inscription reads: For the Judeans.

On public square dot com, there is a big debate between Rod and an anti(sic) Mormon.

He also has a 30 minute interview with an anti(sic) Mormon at the Manti pagan, who interviewed him.

Since the DNA book came out, it has silenced the online debate regarding DNA and authenticity of the Book of Mormon.

September 24, 2011

Steven E. Smoot – The Lost Civilizations of North America Update and New Research

The director of the Testaments: Keith Merrill “I confess singularly responsible for the choice to set the BOM in Mesoamerica, even after being advised not to include any recognizable landmarks in the film.”

Will Durrant – multi-volume world history, author, Our knowledge of any past is always incomplete, clouded by our own perceptions.

Robert P. George, Princeton Professor, “What we know about history is often times just propaganda.”

Dr. Alice Beck Kehoe, “The history of American archeology, has been politically charged… and is a remarkable example of post hoc objectification of the doctrine of Manifest Destiny.”

The Giza Pyramid is 606 feet up the side, bottom to apex. The Hopewell circle at Newark Ohio, has an octagon with 606 foot squares inside. The angle of slope on the Giza pyramid is 51.8 degrees. The same angle separates the circle and octagonal structures at Newark.

Block Hebrew letters have been found in both Israel and in North America.

Visit lost for more information on the DVD that covers these discoveries in detail.

Steven Smoot has studied Hopewell mounds extensively including leading film crews in developing the documentary.

These ancient cultures understood engineering, mathematics, cosmology and created astronomical aligned ground structures, celestial observatories and large cities that rivaled Rome and London in their day.  Why isn’t this known and taught? in America today? Who in history knew about the Mound Builders and were they in a position of power to suppress the knowledge of these ancient civilizations?  Why is this American history swept under the rug? It is because of the justification of the conquest of Native America and Manifest Destiny. Also, the conflict between creationism and evolution, to some extent, impacted the lack of acceptance of Native American cultural achievements.

Why have the Army Corps of Engineers “scrubbed” many sites, razing the mounds and eliminating the archaeological record?

Modern scienctific community are beginning to take notice. The newark works and mounds, which are preserved today in a community golf course in Newark, Ohio, have been studying by archaeologists, including Bradley Lepper, Phd, Ohio State University.

E.G. Squier, after publishing his research and findings on mound builder culture and works, sold his collection of artifacts to the government and took a position as an ambassador to Nicaragua and he became a proponent for American expansion and Manifest Destiny. He was committed to an insane asylum for the last 14 years of his life.

Artifacts and Studies: 1820, Caleb Atwater, “Antiquities Discovered in Ohio and Other Western States”; 1848 Squier and Davis; 1894; Cyrus Thomas Report, “The Mound Explorations of the Bureau of Ethnology.”  This latter work was John Wesley Powell’s attempt to put the matter to rest once and for all.

Lewis Henry Morgan, referred to as the American Father of Anthropology. He wrote about evolution and his theories helped pave the way for Manifest Destiny and providing a rationale for American Indian policy. Credited for advancing social Darwinism in America. Served as president of the American Association of the Advancement of Science. He became a mentor to Powell, Engels, and Karl Marx. He was contemporary with Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin. Obviously connecting ancient Americans to lost tribes and Hebrew origins was ridiculous. Morgan believed that Native Americans derived from India and came across the Bering Strait.

John Wesley Powell and Lewis Henry Morgan’s fathers were both Methodist preachers in or near Palmyra, New York, in 1830 when the Book of Mormon was published.

These men were not bad per se, they simply beleived what they did and were vociferous and worked extensively to guide scientific thought stemming from the institutions Powell had at his disposal.

Kahokia, St. Louis.

Lawrence W. Cerenzie – U.S. Energy Independence Plan for Producing Our Way Back ot Prosperity on the Promised Land

I missed the first half of his presentation so I don’t have much content regarding the seeting of current state of US economy, and falling dominance in the world.

Effects of WEalth Transfer to the BIG banks and top 1% of people. 36% of women get bachelors degrees, only 28% of men get bachelors degrees. The effects of education and political correctness that chooses the winners. Impact of this is dismantling of US Tech an scientific superiority as most engineers, chemists, physicists, doctors and mathematicians are MEN. Long term impacts: role as word’s #1 tech innovator is in jeopardy.

U.S> Survival depends on manufacturing and mining. How many people needed to make a power drill?

  • motor, battery, screw and fastener manufacturers. Copper miner, wiring manufacturer, transportation for parts and final product
  • Iron vanadium chrome nickel miner
  • steel miss heat treater
  • rare earth elements
  • printed circuit board designer
  • circuit board maker
  • lubricant manufacturer
  • plastics supplier and molder
  • packaging supplier
  • salesmen to sell product
  • engineers to design and technicians to build.

apply this to the entire tool department at Sears.

Innovation occurs where products are made. Manufacturing shapes education, drives needs for engineers, chemists, physicist, biochemists, and mathematicians go up. Companies important partners foruniversities.

Ford in the last two weeks have made an important announcement regarding foreign production of electric cars.

U.S. citizens being salesmen for goods made in other countries is not working.

Drop to 20% with reinvestment from current 35%; establish new buying store buying based upon Made in the USA.

  1. Undo the EPA regs on Manu/Mining/Energy – water, air, GHG
  2. Reassess all wilderness, landmark, park designations – unlock them/produce them. Unlock best “locked up” potential properties. There are potential 30 billion tons of coal in Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument. Leveraging these types of resources is huge, could pay off our national debt
  3. Two year plan: new dams, mines for coal, uranium, timber harvesting, new mineral mines: copper, gold, platinum, iron, zinc, chromium, vanadium, Magnesium, including rare earth elements. T Boone Pickens has tried in good faith to create wind farms to compete with his own coal plants. He coudln’t make the economics work. Electric cars = MORE power coal plants. 10 power plants just for a small city and their cars.  Utah, Ohio, Illinois, many  mining opportunities. Phosphoric formation contains many Rare Earth Elements in a formation running through Utah up to Montana. Hard to find information on this.  There is a request by China to set up sovereign cities in Idaho and utah. these are masqueraded as “research” oriented joint commercial enterprises.

Doctrine & Covenants states that there is “enough and to spare.”  China wants our natural resources in a big way.

ANWR is another Prudhoe Bay.

Amberli Nelson – Connections Between Jewish Family, Cultural and Religios Practices and Those of the Ancient Hopewell Civilization

A breastplate made of slate was carved with a Hamsa, the eye in hand, and intertwined serpents. Hamsa means five, and represents the hand of God. Represents 5 books of Torah, fifth letter of alphabet. It is an amulet against evil. Some point up and some point down.

The intertwined serpents: healing, resurrection, brazen serpent held aloft by Moses.

Names: Manasseh. The name of America traces back through Amerigo, and means sons of Manasseh. Amerigo is Latinized version of a Hebrew name. Machir was an ancient ruler, and the Latin version of this name became Amerigo. Machir, Old Testament, a son of Mannasseh is Machir.

Stone altars. The Law Moses dictates that stone altars not be hewn. They must only be unhewn stone or mounds of earth. MesoAmerican altars are almost always carved. (Not to say that apostasy wouldn’t lead to carved altars eventually replacing more “primitive” piled altars.)

Many natives would bury their dead under stones, not in graves. Then as they passed by in the future they would add a stone out of respect. This obviously caused the cairns to grow over time. What’s the Jewish connection? this is a Jewish custom, to put stones on grave sites, just as portrayed the end of the movie Schindler’s List. Flowers on graves were a pagan custom, stones don’t die.

The Hebrew word for temple is mitva / micva[?]  The Torah spells it out. If a Jewish community has enough money to build a micvah before building a synagogue. A micvah means gathering of waters, stemming from the Creation. Not all water sources are living. Lakes and ponds are not allowed. Must be flowing water. Tap wter isn’t good enough, they use rain water sometimes to get a pure micvah. 40 seah[?] is a measure of water, required for a micvah. They had to have stairs.  The Jews at Messada built two working micvahs during their siege.  David saw Bathsheba taking her Micvah and the use of Micvah is aligned with a woman’s cycle. She conceived that night after her Micvah.  It isn’t baptism, it is ritual washing, cleansing.

She makes the argument that Alma the elder baptised at a Micvah, known as the Waters of Mormon. She places this spring at ??  She argues the common MesoAmerican waters of Mormon is Lake Otitlan[?] and is not a Micvah b/c it has no outlet, is a receptacle of water, not a flow of water.

The southern circle mound at Newark works represents a womb, with a cervix on the northeast side. Moving to a square at the end of a pathway. The square represent Earth in cosmology. There is a pathway from the square over to the octagon and circle. The pathway passes a pond of “filthy water,” like the temptations from Lehi’s dream. Then they arrive at the great Octagon. The two squares represent the seal of Melchiezedik. This seal is represented in mosaic in Italy, Nibly talks about it in Temples and Cosmos. The image shows Abel coming before an alter with Melchiezedek officiating, and it has the seal on the front of the altar.  The symbol appears 10,000 times on the San Diego temple. It is on several temples, on the doors of the SLC Temple.  The architect came up with it and didn’t know what it was, and Nibley pointed out what it was.

Back to Newark, the octogon is a symbol of a temple. Through a small causeway into a circle, symbol of celestial kingdom.

Spirals are creation symbols. DNA to galaxies.

The pattern is all about creation and ascension.

Was the city of Lehi, the city of light, the hopewill site that had the oil lamp and the menorah made out of mounds?  It has a nine branch menorah. There are 6, 7, 8, 9 branch menorahs. This is a nine branch one. On the left is a compass, a triangle. On the bottom right is a square. This city was built by Jews who understood concepts related to Jewish and modern, restored/revealed Christianity.

The St. George temple spire: square base = us; octagon above is Christ the mediator, above that is round, heaven.

Rod L. Meldrum –Exploring the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland – Effectively Using the Newest Tools

Sources for more information:

Some controversy over Times & Seasons articles in 842 that attributed Book of Mormons lands as being in MesoAmerican, perhpas on the heels of the Catherwood and [?] publiscations of the Yucatan expeditions.  FIRM is working on a new book that addresses this. Word use and sentence length studies have tried to determine who wrote these articles, whether it was Joseph, John Taylor or others.

Los Lunas Stone.

Over 80 videos to watch on the site.

John Lund is a major attacker of the Heartland Model. He is a major MesoAmerican tour guide operator for Book of Mormon tours.

Wayne May – An Update On the Possible Zarahemla Temple Site

Four Centers of Hopewell Concentration: Illinois Ohio, Esat Tenn. Gulf, Florida panhandle, southwest GA, Southeast MS.  Ohio is the most recent, approx. 100 BC. The panhandle of FL is 600 BC, TN is 500, 600 BC, Illinois 400 BC. There were 400 years until Nephites merged with Mulekites in the land of Zarahemla. Ohio was the cultural core with resources from across the continent (trade items).

Once Americans crossed the Appalacians, the mounds were plowed under at an alarming rate.

Cave stalagmites can show, just like ice cores, the atmospheric record and carbon footprint. In the Hopewell era, there were major changes in the carbon record around 100 BC, concurrent with Captain Moroni’s activity.

Evidence of Capain Moroni’s fortification. These are highly concentrated sites showing these the types of fortifications.

Thanks to Squier and Davis, 1830-1840. Li dar is like radar, but sees through the trees. Ohio has been shot, but the rest of the states are going to be shot.

Mound City Ohio, linear, conical burials. 300-400 BC. Small forts are always found by water. River important for transportation and religious purposes.  In the forests the soil compaction is a clue, limiting growth, to finding ancient sites. Hilltop fortifications, with single entrances, with breaks in the wall where the wooden towers stood. Archaeologists say the openings are doors and the purpose was ceremonial, despite it being atop a 600 foot high hill top with steep sides.

Ancient cultures chose wood over stone, whenever possible, according to Nibley in the 1957 Melchizedek PH Manual. Meso American trees and wood are not generally good for building, so they used stone.

Pollock Earthworks, 100-300 AD. Hopewell archaeology in Ohio was dead by 1920, because the burial mounds were all looted by then. The earthworks however, were untouched. Robert Riorden in 1980s started digging the earthworks.  He found pavement of limestone at city entrances,  and military hilltop enclosures. He points out defensive purposes over ceremonial purposes. Wright State U, Dayton, Ohio.

Archaeologists should check the berms and “doorways” and see what they were. Some banks and timber works could rise 60 or 100 feet tall, Immense manpower needed to make them. Ross county Ohio works. Hopewell Wooden Towers evidence by the post holes outside the openings in walls.

Alma 49:4-5: “cast their stones and their arrows” references Atlatls. The Nephites shot arrows at Samuel the Lamanite (bows) but the Lamanites were using the atlatl.

Alma 50:15, the city of Lehi with the oil lamp and mennorah, the compass and square. The Corps of Engineers leveled the whole site. Why? Manifest destiny, soveign.

Cedar Bank works. More fortifications.  The tip of southern Illinois, there is a line of fortifications across using the rivers on east, west and south. They were only in this “Center of the land” for very long, thus the lack of extensive Hopewell occupation record.

Shallow mass graves mentioned in the BOM, Battle Mounds, in WI to TN, and NY to MO.

Bountiful in Ohio.

Much information from Zion’s camp march in 1834 and Kirtland Camp march  in 1838.

Zelph mound, near Illinois river. It is state owned land, and a game warden stays nearby. Bones were found strewn over the mound due to erosion of the burial mound. Church HQ have the Zelph arrow. Lake Ontario is the eastern sea, per Joseph’s account. Illinois is in the Zarahemla boundaries, which began there.  The name Onendagus, is found as Onendaga, which names an Iriquois tribe that serve as the spiritual leaders of the six tribes of the nation, and they get double representaion in nation meetings. Another Iriquois tribe is called Onida, a Book of Mormon hill name.

Copper Hopewell axes taken from Russell Naples Mound #8, aka Zelph Mound. They trenched right in the middle: efigy pipes, axes, copper tools, etc. New dating on Zelph mound material are dated to 380 AD, from 150-350 AD. Nearby on the Illinois waterway were 51 more mass burials. Good site for last battles.

In letter to Emma, Joseph wrote, “we wandered over the plains of the Nephites, roving over the mounds of the once beloved people of the Lord, picking up their skulls and bones, as proof of its divine authenticity. Signed by Joseph Smith. This was Zion’s Camp and they crossed through the core of the Hopewell nation.

Samuel D. Tyler wrote that City of Manti was Randolph Co. Missouri, near Huntsville, in an account of Kirtland March.

Big Spring, MO is the best candidate for the Waters of Mormon. Currant river. There are 13 of these spring sites in a 10 mile radius in Missouri.

There were migrating beasts, Ether 9:3-4, the people followed the course of the beasts…” There are no migratory game animals in MesoAmerica.

In Joseph’s day, the Algonquin family of Indians: many tribes came from Algonquin. These were the western Indian tribes, they were tribes of the Ohio valley and the midewestern Indians. Joseph said, the western tribes were descendents of Joseph, son of Jacob.

New DNA studies are finding X2a, which originates in  Middle East. The establishment is silent on the matter.

Isolationism: Columbus was first.

Diffusionists: Many instances of what we believe as Lehi’s journey, Mulek’s journey, etc.  An article in the Atlantic Monthly, “the diffusionists have landed, January 2000.

St. Ignace, MI Red Sky’s Migration Chart, Ojibwa Tribe, Algonquin Nation. A birch bark record of a migration path. It shows a break at the right side. The other half is seen in the sacred scrolls of the southern ojibwa, by the u. of Tornto press. It shows tutle boats, round with 4-5 protrusions. (dish on dish).  Algonquins say they came from the east. They also belive the western tribves in pacific NW came from West and the Dakota Indians look different, have the epig?? fold on the eye.  All seem to have stories of the big red haird guys, (Jaredites).

Cherokee: show their ancient ancestors with beards. Half the Cherokee have blue eyes, not from white mixing. Ayunini, Cherokee Holy Man.

Sorenson Molecular Geneaolgy Foundation, in SLC: found no DNA haplogroup A, B, C, or D, showing NO relation to Asiatic/Mongol DNA expected from a Bering Straight migration.

Algonquin Micmac Indian characters match many characters in the Anthon transcript. This script is representative of a first step away from hieroglyphic, which is Egyption hieratic. Glottochronology shows that ancestral Indian language derives from Hopewell culture.

D&C 125:3 A city opposite of Nauvoo called Zarahemla. Church land purchases in 1839, showing massive land purchases by the Church. The Church lost htem all in the civil war, when the records burned in a court house.

SLC Temple, Rockwell, Marieeta Cedar Banks and the Iowa sites all have ratio of 2:1. and very similar sites.

Five feet deep are cedar wood foundations. Some goes down 20 feet. Probably shows 2-3 periods of occupation and will have been flooded over by the river many times.

1934, Tennessee Valley authority, prior to the dams, knew there were Hopwell and Adena mounds all up the valley. The archaeologists had 2 year window to dig. They dug and found a mound with three layers. Top was mississipian, next layer down was a large hopewell structure. at the bottom was a large structure burried deep under, and found Egyptian-like findings. Place names in use by local natives and there was much copper nearby.  Whatever it was that was found was covered up and shushed. A stone age culture and an Egyptian temple in N. America. Tene = land of, ESSEE = Isis; land of Isis. This is a candidate for Nephi’s temple he built in the land of Nephi.


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