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Church Links & My Testimony

I'm a Mormon.

Matt’s  Testimony:

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am a Mormon. I am a Christian.  I have been born again.  I belong to the lay priesthood of my church. I am a convert of 15 years.

I believe that God is our Father. I believe in His Son Jesus Christ. I believe in the reality and existence of the Holy Ghost.

I believe the Father and His Son appeared to the boy Joseph Smith (JSH 1). I know that man was a prophet, through whom was restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Happiness.

I believe that Joseph Smith translated an ancient record of God’s dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the American continent. I believe this record was published to the world as the Book of Mormon.

I know that the Book of Mormon is scripture, not fiction. I believe in the Holy Bible. Both books are testaments of Jesus Christ.

I believe that through His appointed servants, the prophets, Jesus Christ has revealed all that is necessary and requisite to fulfill our divine destiny.  I believe we are the offspring of God and are promised a divine destiny to become like He is.

I believe that marriage originated from God, that Adam and Eve were our first parents and that they were married. Marriage is between one man and one woman. This enables the divine plan of happiness to have full effect in the creation of mortal bodies for God’s children.

The family unit is the fundamental unit of society. Same-sex marriage is a threat to our society and is in direct opposition to God’s purposes in creating this Earth, placing His children here and in offering His only begotten Son as a sacrifice to enable His children to return to Him (Proclamation on the Family).  Same-sex marriage is not a fundamental right granted by the Constitution of the United States but is only available through Constitutional interpretation of those who support it.

I do not believe that people who are not Mormons are going to hell (D&C 76:71-80).

My church does not condone polygamy (Official Declaration-1).

My church embraces people of all nations and races as equals (Official Declaration-2). All are children of God and are loved by Him.

I have been subjected to every imaginable argument against my church and its prophets. I have weathered them all and emerged stronger and more resolute.

I believe in all these things because of the power of the Holy Ghost as manifested to my soul.  I know that Satan cannot mock or imitate the sacred communications made from God to His children (Matt. 7:17-18), although some disaffected people have tried to convince me otherwise.

I am an eternal optimist.  I am aware that our great nation, like so many great civilizations of the past, was established under divine influence and guidance (1 Nephi 13:12-19).  Our nation has rejected its God in the name of secularism (Ether 12, Ether 13). The edges of our societal and social fabric are fraying. The time is not far off when the weave of that fabric will unwind and the times long prophesied will come  (Matt. 25, JS Matt. 1,   Ether 2:8-12, D&C 1, D&C 88:86-94). We have been warned and forewarned.

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